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Exterior Painting & Decorating

We use only top quality exterior paints and materials. Our aim is always  for a perfect result. This is why with Casa Colour all previously painted and unpainted surfaces are treated

Preparations are paramount on exterior renderings and stone work , therefore in addition to our painting work, we will be able to repair your stone work even if it is not going to be painted.

All repairs needed will be done before applying any variety  of coating: coarse, fine or smooth

Casa Colour uses different methods of painting applications. Sometimes a mix of them is needed, all it will dependent on the surface to be painted.

We specialize in high quality finishing on exterior woodwork decorating, thus, bringing back to life the charming character of your home.  

We cater as well for decorating: fences, metal railings, gates, garage doors, etc.

Methods of applications : Airless &  HVLP spraying, Rolling & Brushing.                           

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